Nov. 5, 2014

Race Cards fly as Whites flee corrupt, Black-controlled Atlanta

Story by Doug Book, staff writer for Coach is Right Blog

Blacks officials in the rapidly deteriorating city of Atlanta decided to sue rather than allow successful White “evacuees” to incorporate prosperous new cities in the Northern suburbs of Dekalb and Fulton counties.

For years government scandals, rackets, political corruption and charges of bribery have plagued a city which is becoming known as “The Detroit of the South,” all culminating in the threatened 2013 loss of accreditation for the Dekalb County School System. During that time, communities in the North Atlanta suburbs “…began the process of incorporating into cities,” with 6 having been carved out of the Atlanta hinterland by 2011 as hundreds of thousands of taxpayers were lost from the city’s tax base. (1)

But the continued electoral fortunes—and perhaps, increasing personal wealth– of Atlanta’s politicos depend upon preserving the lynchpin of Democrat politics–robbing from the rich in order to acquire the votes of the poor. And that’s a system which doesn’t work very well when the rich are spending their taxdollars elsewhere.

So in March of 2011, the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus filed suit seeking the dissolution of the newly incorporated cities, claiming that “…the creation of the new cities diluted African-Americans’ voting power, access and influence.” (2) In short, plaintiffs pointed out that although blacks had been numerous enough to control election results in and around Atlanta, thanks to incorporation of “super-majority white” cities, blacks who live in them are no longer able to put fellow blacks in office in the overwhelming numbers to which they had become accustomed. As a result, a significant number of residents in the counties which make up Atlanta have escaped the liberal rule that is destroying the city economically, black politicians are losing power and control and a city already struggling financially will have to make do with even less revenue in the future.

As the Georgia NAACP sees it, such hard-heartedness toward minorities is “…part of an alleged conspiracy to get rid of black office holders and deprive black voters of their rights.” (1) “We’ve fought too hard and bled too long to allow our officials to be removed by a dictator,” said NAACP President Edward Dubose of the plight of 6 members of the Dekalb County School Board, removed from office by Governor Nathan Deal as a result of the threatened accreditation loss. Five of those Board members are black. (3)

On February 8th a federal court panel rejected the claims and demands of the Black Caucus, refusing to dissolve incorporation of the Northern county cities. A lawyer representing the plaintiffs said he would not appeal, but rather file an amended lawsuit. (4)

Those who believe the recent incorporation of suburbs to be a function of racism rather than a longed for escape from the corruption of Atlanta politics should know that the ousted school board members are demanding that taxpayers foot the bill for their defense “… because [they]… see their positions as a civil rights entitlement…” Lose a job as a result of incompetence (or worse) and demand that taxpayers get it back for you. How could that be upsetting to anyone, unless of course it’s a racist. (1)

Needless to say, the creation of brand new school districts managed by brand new Boards is a priority in the newly incorporated cities!