Nov. 21, 2014

Governor Chris Christie scandal

Story by Colin Daileda

The media's attention surrounding New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie has held steady at a fever pitch since Jan. 8, when emails between one of his staffers and another appointee showed the two helped to orchestrate a massive four-day traffic jam in Fort Lee, N.J., allegedly as a plot to exact political revenge on the Fort Lee mayor.

And once the floodgates cracked, they swung wide open. The mayor of Hoboken, N.J., has said members of the governor's administration told her that her city wouldn't receive any Hurricane Sandy aid if she did not approve a redevelopment plan favored by Christie, and other mayors have come forward with similar allegations. Federal prosecutors are also investigating the governor's office for possibly misusing federal aid earmarked for victims of of the storm that rocked the Garden State.

The scale of coverage makes sense to some, given Christie was — and arguably still is — the frontrunner for the 2016 Republican presidential candidate. But others are baffled because, despite the multiple headaches, Christie hasn't been directly linked to anything.

You can't say the same about other governors, though, many of whom have spent many days in courtrooms and even jail cells following their terms in office. Below, we've mapped out some of the biggest governor scandals in recent memory, and you can check out the full-screen version of the map