Jan. 12, 2015

National Bar Association Lawyers Release Statement Indicating Ferguson Prosecutor Corruption

Story by Moreh B.D.K.

After the verdict announcement in Ferguson this week, the public release of grand jury testimony in the related proceedings has led lawyers and legal scholars to speak out against the corruption of prosecutor Robert McCulloch. Now, the National Bar Association has released an official statement, questioning whether had ever intended to push for an indictment at all, in spite of the fact that it was his job to do so.

“It looks like he wanted to create the appearance that there had been a public trial when in fact there hadn’t been,” said Harvard Law School professor Noah Feldman, in an interview with The New York Times.

Feldman said that it all seemed like “the prosecutor didn’t want an indictment—and didn’t want to be blamed for not getting one.”

Lawyer and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin who writes for The New Yorker, says that explains that McCulloch methods in the proceedings bizarre and unconventional. Toobin claims that this indicates that Wilson was given special treatment:

The National Bar Association’s recent press release, however, might go the furthest of all critiques… and it might carry the most weight. The National Bar Association is the United States’ oldest and largest network of largely African American attorneys and judges. This week they questioned not only the decision of the grand jury, but it’s tone. The the full statement from the National Bar Association is as follows:

This is clearly not just an issue protesters are blowing out of proportion. Legal experts and scholars are coming out in the open and saying that justice was not served. They are telling us that the way the grand jury was conducted, and the special treatment the prosecutor gave are indicative of systematic corruption.