Apr. 24, 2015

'Something fishy': Dems 'offer door prizes for votes'

Story from Gina Loudon of WND.com

Claims of vote-buying in Illinois apparently aren’t limited to Chicago,  according to accusations by Republicans a few hundred miles away.

A copy of an mailer promoting the “Democrat Voting Rally” was initially  brought to the attention of Pike County Republican Chairman Robert Browning.

He told WND: “I knew there was something fishy right away when they were  promising free food and prizes to come out and early vote.”

The event was held next door to an early voting location, GOP officials  said.

“My first call would have been to the state’s attorney,” Browning said, “but  he was involved in the event.”

Democrat State’s Attorney Matt Goetten, who is up for re-election Tuesday,  was featured in the flyer as a participant in the rally.

Browning told WND: “Everyone knows that election law forbids compensating  people for voting. I would think the state’s attorney would know that better  than anyone. If county Republicans did something like that, we would be facing  felony charges. But Republicans in Illinois are held to a different standard  than Democrats.”

Browning contacted state Republican Party officials who are requesting an  immediate investigation from the office of the attorney general.

State law in Illinois states: “Sec. 29-1. Vote buying. Any person who  knowingly gives, lends or promises to give or lend any money or other valuable  consideration to any other person to influence such other person to vote or to  register to vote or to influence such other person to vote for or against any  candidate or public question to be voted upon at any election shall be guilty of  a Class 4 felony.”

At  CapitolFax.com, election law attorney Burt Odelson said it looks like the  event was illegal.

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In an explanation to the website inquiry, Pike County Democratic Party  Chairman Rick Toumbs didn’t directly address the issue.

“Please find the Pike County Democrats response to your inquiry. On October  25th the Pike County Democrats held a Democrat rally. We were pleased with the  turnout and we’re happy with the event. We had people at the event who had  already voted, people who who (sic) planned to vote later, and people who were  voting on election day. Everyone was welcome at the event. Thank you for your  interest in the pike (sic) County Democrats.

Pike County Board Chairman Andy Borrowman told WND he’s been in contact with  the state’s attorney featured at the event.

Goetten, he said, “seemed very concerned that this might lead to an  investigation.”

“Goetten warned us that we should watch what we say … that it may be  libelous, and he would end up owning everything Browning has.”

Browning, the GOP chairman, said: “It is funny that the state’s attorney  would try to educate us about libel laws when he apparently doesn’t know, or  chooses not to follow, basic election law.”

Browning said it’s “the kind of corruption we have come to expect from the  Democrat Party.”

“It goes to show that Democrat officials on the local level are just as  corrupt as ones on the state and national level. Barack Obama’s policies and his  corruption are on the ballot this year … all the way down to your local  races.”

The brochure for the event said:  “Bring a friend, have a cup of coffee,  and vote. The event will include free drinks, food and doors (sic) prizes.”

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