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Apr. 14, 2017


Story by BBC Newspoint

1: Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif is a Prime Minister of Pakistan he is richest person in Pakistan with well establish business in whole country he has many mills factories and earns lot of money from these. Nawaz sharif has done $418 million corruption his tenure which is huge amount and show that he has done high level of corruption. He has also lot of projects, land property, out of country business and many other mega projects all are hidden projects but currently involved in Panama papers leaks. He generate lot of money from the Metro bus service 


2: Vladimir Putin

Russian politician Vladimir Putin is a current President of most powerful country Russian Federation and served as prime minister three times during 1999 to 2012. He is declare world top most corrupt politician in panama papers leaks due to lot of wealth well establish business and two billion property in many other countries. He is most corrupt politician due to some corrupt moves like the food that never came, the vacation villas in Spain, saving his associates, Putin retirement home and getting rich. He destroys the economy of this country and involved in high level of corruption and world richest politician.


3: King Salman Bin Abdulaziz

Salman Bin Abdulaziz is a king of Saudia Arabia also head of house of Saud, for the 48 years he served as a deputy Governor and Governor of Riyadh during 1963 to 2011. The panama papers are the leaks of confidential documents through offshore companies’ people increases their bank accounts and king Salman is one of the name in the list of leak papers. As the panama paper releases he has $17 billion net worth which is really big amount through offshore companies. King Salman owns expensive properties and companies in London which include almost 34 million dollars and declare as corrupt politician.


Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo belongs to world poor country but he is richest person in the world earn lot of money in power and served as a President for long period of time. He is a leader of Guinea currently but he was a chairperson of African Union Between 2011 to 2012. This government has known as non-democratic Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo also a corrupt politician and abuse of power. Teodoro Obiang seized assets about $71 million by court on charges corruption, public funds and money laundering. Due to high level of corruption he declares as biggest corrupt politician in the world.


Kim Jong U

Most corrupt North Korean politician Kim Jong UN is the chairman of the worker party of Korea he also served as a supreme leader of democratic People’s Republic of Korea. North Korean country is involved in high level of corruption but Kim Jong UN known as most dangers and corrupt politician in the world according to Panama papers. Kim Jong UN has lavish lifestyle he is richest person with 5 billion USD and his assets from more than 200 banks in other words he has endless wealth, interesting thing is that he is youngest head of state and Korean leaders salary about 1500 dollar he generate money illegal ways and most corrupt politician in the world.

Jan. 20, 2017

Fight lights

Jan. 20, 2017
Michello Obama vs. Senegal Women

American fashion in Africa

Jan. 20, 2017

Story image for Donald trump tower meetings african american from New York Times

Story By D. Watkins

The most painful inauguration in the history of inaugurations is running toward us. I was always taught to stand tall and to never run away from pain, so I’m gearing up to go to Donald Trump’s first big day in D.C. and see all of the closet racists, proud racists and Uncle Toms bask in his Russian-hacked glory.

It should be easy to find them because I’m sure that about 99 percent of the rallying kind of Trump supporters can’t afford to stay in Trump’s D.C. hotel. The bulk of them will probably be hugged up in tents all over the city’s parks, and when they get sick from the cold, their Obamacare should still cover them. It hasn’t been repealed yet.

One of the saddest moments for me will be seeing the beautiful Obama family walk away from the White House, leaving the door open for Trump, his 200th wife and clone-like adult kids. It’s like we jumped 100 years ahead with President Barack Obama and his progressive administration, only to fall 1,000 years back to an administration full of people who discriminate and deal in racist ideologies.

But I’m ready for them and willing to do whatever it takes to preserve our rights. Before those battles begin, however, I’d like to offer some advice to Trump on what he could do to counter his downward-trending popularity by growing his support among black people and truly unifying the country.

If you listen to Trump, you know that he has had multiple conversations about race in which he has clearly denied being a racist. He has said he can and wants to help “the blacks” in ways that, for example, Bill and Hillary Clinton never did. I think that’s going to be super easy since the Clintons were responsible for the policies that sent my whole family and neighborhood to prison for nonviolent crimes.

Trump’s path to building a coalition with black Americans is simple. First, stop tweeting BS. Second, Trump needs to understand that meeting with black people — I can’t even call them leaders, just African-Americans nobody listens to like Steve Harvey and Martin Luther King III — is never going to move the dial. The key to getting respect from black people is paying reparations for slavery.

Come on, Donald, make America honest and progressive like Germany and pay “the blacks” back for centuries of servitude, racist Jim Crow laws and systemic mistreatment. Cut a check!

The government doesn’t even have to pay all black people. It can hold out on the washed-up sellouts like Raven-Symoné, Stacey Dash, Ray Lewis and the rest of the #AllLivesMatter-America-doesn’t-have-a-race-problem black people. The U.S. is just fine for them, even when Trump joyfully led rallies with racist rhetoric, egging on crowds of cowards who covered themselves with swastikas and Confederate flags. Trump can also hold out on the black celebrities who said stupid things like “African Americans don’t cash for reparations; they need free college!” (Please, celebrities, speak for yourself.)

You can keep the collection of remedial classes and pointless electives that add up to a liberal arts degree in this rough job market for black people. I’ll take the cash.

It’s that simple; we will believe your talk if you pay up. It’s not a handout: Enslaved Africans, our ancestors, really did build America. That’s not up for debate.


Jan. 6, 2017

Crime troubles